What Jesús told about war

Jesús told about war is not depending only Bible. War makes us all uncomfortable. We are all human. Everyone who is destroyed by war is a human being. From ancient times the people lived in competition and war with each other. However, it have erupted at various times due to political, economic, cultural as well as religious reasons. Our ancestors, as well as our parents and people living today, face wars. War destroys our lives, our property, our natural resources, and causes disease. We are born human and killing each other. 

#1 : War is a painful thing

Jesús told about war

People created weapons to protect themselves. In those days, humans designed weapons to protect themselves from predators. But now people are going to fighting with each other. Love, kindness, mercy, freedom, all these things disappear with war. Only terror, fear, sorrow and pain belong to human beings and nature. That’s what Jesús told about war.

#2 : Are we creating weapons to kill another human being?

Jesús told about war

According to the Bible, what is war? What did Jesus do? He did not hate those who tried to kill him. Gave love, kindness. He told us to help the needy. He said to spread peace instead of war. Did we as human beings implement what He said? No. What we did was fight more and more. We were drawn not to heaven but to hell. Instead of protecting people, thousands of innocent people were killed. Today wars are being waged in the same manner. We must stop this war. People have very little time to live. As human beings we have to get used to enjoying life in this small time. 

“You shall not kill,”

Exodus 20:13

#3 : Let us spread peace as Jesús told about war

Jesús told about war

“There is…a time to love and No time to hate, no time for war and a time for peace.”

‍#4 : Let us love one another as the Bible says.


We humans love to receive love and kindness. We are all of the same race. All of us human beings, regardless of our color, language, or religion. We are people who make decisions with our minds. We should not make decisions by killing each other like animals. People are no longer tribal. Come on, let’s live in peace. Let’s help each other. Let us live happily within the little time we have to live as Jesús told about war. 

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