How depression affects you?

How depression affects you? Smiles are often genuine. Sometimes there may be a falsehood in it. Because people often live in the midst of various crises and problematic situations. But they hide it from the society with the help of fake smile. They live in constant suffering from the heart because they are not successful in unraveling their problem in front of the society and searching for an answer. That is, to escape from the insults, scolding, persecutions etc. that they have to face in front of the society. Those who live like this for a long time may later become depression affects. In today’s society, a mentally ill person is defined as “crazy”.

About 450 million people around the world are diagnosed with mental disorders and one out of every eight people in our country is diagnosed with mental disorders.

How depression affects you?

A person who has the ability to successfully solve problems, the ability to make decisions, and the ability to work independently can be recognized as having a high mental well-being. Medically, a mentally ill person is someone whose mental well-being is impaired. That is, they can be shown as someone who has the ability to think in a normal way, the ability to understand something, or a change in behavior in a certain way. But, the society ostracizes them and marks them as a strange category of beings. Don’t forget that they are normal people just like you and me.


Due to depression affects, i.e. due to lack of ability to bear economic or social difficulties, the mind only became confused. Because everyone’s ability to bear is not the same and mental levels are also diverse. Even if you can bear the pain of a loss, another person may not be able to bear the same pain. That is why it is relatively different from each other.

depression affects

Mania and depression are classified as severe mental illnesses. Minor mental illnesses include anxiety, panic attacks, and stress, and these illnesses are common nowadays. Depression is the most common severe mental illness. About 3% of our country’s population is diagnosed with depression and 1% suffer from schizophrenia.

Factors that can contribute to Depression

1. Genetic causes, social, economic, political, religious issues can directly or indirectly affect it.

2. Long-term uncontrolled diabetes and brain death can also lead to severe mental illness.

3. Women are twice as likely to develop depression as men. It may be due to the hormonal changes that women experience at different times of their lives. Some women are particularly vulnerable to depression after pregnancy.

4. Abuse on any level—physical, sexual, or emotional—can result in depression later in life.

5. Some medications, including corticosteroids, the antiviral medication interferon-alpha, and the acne medication isotretinoin, can raise your chance of developing depression.

6. Sometimes depression can have biological causes, such as interpersonal problems or disagreements with friends or relatives.

7. Most individuals need some time to adjust to traumatic situations like losing a loved one or ending a relationship. When these stressful situations arise, cutting off contact with friends and family and attempting to solve your problems alone increases your chance of developing depression.

8. Some people turn to excessive alcohol or drug use as a coping mechanism when life becomes difficult. Depression may escalate as a result of this.


The symptoms of aging are different from those of youth, and this may also result in the loss of advanced brain function due to forgetfulness. Take care of your loved ones. Sometimes they just want you listen to them. Be humane enough to take a few moments out of your busy routine for them too. It will prevent the birth of another depression affects patient.

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Gayani Karunaratne
Gayani Karunaratne
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