Designs of 12 Different Natural Rock

Designs are facts that helpful for reduce stress. The works of art that we have to see, especially the ones that have become so great, Many designers use traditional design techniques to create these things. They’ve somehow become very popular all over the world. We meet an artist who creates things just like that. His name is Justin Bateman. He is British. So why is Justin Bateman special to us? That’s because of his unique creative ability.

Justin Bateman works hard to create world-famous items or other unique phenomena. The difference is in the design medium. That’s what he uses in his creations, such as natural rock fragments and marbles. However, these designs can not be taken anywhere. The place where the earth was made has to be left as it is. Also, the lifespan of these is very short. Because these rocks can move around, even with the smallest detail. You can go here and see many more of his unique creations and buy them. Look at these Pictures.

#1 : Realistic Rocky Designs

















10 3


12 3


13 2


14 2

What we have to say is that designers like this should not go into hiding but they should come forward in this society. And if they could create a program to preserve their creations, people would still be able to enjoy those creations centuries later.

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Nikol Robinson
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