5 Most effective goal setting techniques for life

Goal setting techniques is an important task to manage your life and your valuable time. Some People use techniques to understand their lives and their goals. But lot of them don’t have any idea to creating goals or achieving them. Brain Dino Coaching Programs develop for all individuals to create outstanding life for themselves. Here we could understand some facts and effective goal setting techniques for life.

Goal Setting Techniques

Why We Need Goals?

Goal setting techniques very important to our lives. By establishing a goal properly, you will have the opportunity to live a more successful life. One thing that can be identified looking at the successful people in the world, is that they had their own goals. Having one or more goals is essential for the future survival of the society we live in today. Before understand goal setting techniques, it is also essential that you identify your characteristics.

Goal setting techniques

What are the Main Types of Goals?

1 : Time-related goals

These goals often change over time. For example, short-term goals and long-term goals are the same as these time-related goals. A long-term goal can be seen as the result of a process. A short-term goal can be referred to as a goal that lays the foundation for long-term goal setting techniques.

2 : Performance based goals

Performance-based goals are short-term goals for specific duties or tasks. They are clearly defined and easy to measure or evaluate. These can also be used to measure employee performance.

3 : Quantitative and qualitative goals

Quantitative goals are evaluated based on numbers or statistics, i.e. if your team’s newly launched webpage gets the projected number of hits per page. (SMART goals are a great tool for setting specific, measurable, and attainable goals.) Quality goal setting techniques aren’t cut and dry like how your website is received by users.

4 : Outcome and Process Oriented Goals

Outcome is the result you are aiming for, while process refers to the processes that lead to the desired result if you follow them repeatedly. Process goals are more immediate and tangible, and they move you toward your outcome goals.

goal setting techniques

What are Goal Setting Techniques?

Let’s focus on the following five methods that are related to making a goal. These methods have been created by different people.

1 : Insight Generating Questions

There is a quote that saying the importance of questioning, “A Good Question Can Change Your Life!” There are more ways to questioning and getting answers for all your areas of life. When you raise questions, solutions to your existing problems are created and new problems are minimized. You can choose this technique for all your personal goals and goal-setting techniques for business. Somehow, people listed best goal setting techniques with their experiences. Here we listed some questions that you can ask by yourself.

What do you want to achieve?
Why it is important?
What will you gain?
What are main resources do you have?
How many people with you?
What are main problems?
How much your income is?
How about the education?
What are your skills?
Which industry do you prefer?

2 : GIST Technique

G = Goal (Clean, and Clear as to the Point)
I = Initiative (Steps for achieve goals as Effort Score vs Result Score)
S = Scoreboard (What you gave and got)
T = Transformational Initiative (What to improve)

3 : Power Model

P = Prepare (Smart goal set)
O = Organize (Track them using calendar)
W = Work (Doing things strongly)
E = Evaluate (Review works done or not)
R = Rethink (Think about all stuff again and again)

4 : Two List Strategy

This technique founded by Mr. Warren Buffet. There are two main steps to doing this work.

  1. Write down all goals. Don’t miss out any goal of your life.
  2. Read those goals and select the top five goals of your life. Then, avoid all the other goals. This called 80/20 theory. (it means that 80% of your life impacts represent by small 20% amount.)

5 : GPS-135

This technique just have one goal and it has three priorities. All three priorities have five strategies by each. Life schedule is not important, your priority is more important.

goal setting techniques

So, due to many factors like this, it is worthwhile to arrange everything including your life, business, and family with a goal. Be aware of the methods of setting these goals for the benefit of yourself and others.

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Goal setting techniques is an important task to manage your life and your valuable time. Some People use techniques to understand their lives and their goals. But lot of them don't have any idea to creating goals or achieving them. Brain Dino Coaching Programs...5 Most effective goal setting techniques for life