18 Amazing Designs Made By Unimaginable Things

Unimaginable Things could be anything that you cannot imagine. Many man-made creations are made using the things around us. We’ve talked about a lot of designs made like this, using the everyday things we use. Deniz Sagdic is a woman who can create amazing things by combining the things she finds around her. The designs we present and the materials used to create them are unimaginable things to many. Deniz Sagdic says this about her creations:

“I try to bring into view that art is human-specific but also its properties which explain why human beings are inseparable, one and sole.”

Go and see if these designs are not unique. We have to appreciate her creative ability. If you like it, feel free to check out more of her creations on Instagram.

#1 : A Unimaginable Things made using denim trousers

Unimaginable Things


Unimaginable Things


Unimaginable Things

#4 : Creation from Lacoste label pieces

Unimaginable Things


5 2


6 2


7 2

#8 : Creation from Denim belt buttons pieces

8 2


9 2


10 5


11 5

#12 : Creation from Denim zippers

12 4


13 3


14 3

#15 : Designed using pills and medicine boxes

15 2


16 2


17 2


18 2

There are not many people in the world who can create like those Unimaginable Things. Her ability and talent will inevitably affect this. See how long it takes to create something like this, and how much patience is required? So you will be happy to see these designs and do not forget to appreciate these designers.

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Nikol Robinson
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