12 Creative Nail Art Designs for Girls

Creative Nail Art Designs is not much easier. Many women are used to applying Creative Nail Art Designs. Women keep their nails beautiful on special occasions as well as as a hobby in everyday life. Since ancient times, women have been tempted to beautify their nails through various methods. At present, this nail decoration has become popular as a kind of art.

#1 : Little Heart Designs

Creative Nail Art Designs

#2 : Pink White

Creative Nail Art Designs

#3 : Peacock Stones

Creative Nail Art Designs

#4 : Diamond Balls


#5 : Blue Hero’s


#6 : Dark Brown Shines


#7 : Whole Pinky


#8 : Pink – Blue – Black


Japan is thought to be the birthplace of contemporary Creative Nail Art Designs. Japanese nail artists like Eriko Kurosaki, Junco Ogava, and Michiko Matshushita are well-known internationally. Henna decorations on the nails were quite fashionable in ancient India. Some Indian tribes were also well-known for their distinctive nail art.

Around the past ten or so years, nail art has earned great popularity all over the world. Nail art has become a fashion statement, whether it is done on the toes of one’s hands or feet. One may create simple nail art at home. One might visit one of the many nail art workshops that have sprouted up across the world for more intricate and expert creations.

#9 : Dark Blue Bubbles


#10 : Creative Nail Art Designs as Butterfly Blues


The greatest results are obtained when a train Creative Nail Art Designs artist completes the intricate procedure of painting the nails. The cuticles and dead skin surrounding the nails are first remove, and the nails are then cleans. Then, a foundation coat of paint is put to them, often in the color white, to make sure the pattern stands out attractively. When a natural appearance is sought, a base coat may not always be use. This is followed by a layer of activation polish, which guarantees speedy drying of the design. Finally, the nail is painted with the necessary pattern. Lighter colors are favored over vibrant hues like silver, gold, red, blue, green, and black.

#11 : Golden Blacks


#12 : Golden Brownies


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Gayani Karunaratne
Gayani Karunaratne
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