10 Stunning Textile Designs by a French Designer

Cécile Davidovici (b.1987), a French artist, opted to pursue filmmaking in New York City after finishing her drama and theater studies. Her films, which she created and directed while in New York, have been shown at festivals all over the world, with several winning many accolades. Davidovici has been able to adapt this new medium to allow herself to anchor her art in the moment as a result of these intentions and fruitful findings. She is carving out her own niche within the complicated realm of contemporary Textile designs. Making textiles her own and experimenting with threads in the same way that a painter would play with paint. 

#1 : Textile designs about human hand

Textile Designs


Textile Designs

Once she said about her textile design background like this,

I went to film school so my obsession with textile arrived only a few years ago. I did a short one week program at LE SAGE, a wonderful embroidery school in Paris where I learnt a lot of different classical stitches. But to be honest, I completely forgot most of the things I learnt there. I don’t use classical stitches at all, so I consider myself a self-taught artist. Learning by doing and experimenting over and over again. That’s the best school to my opinion.




Textile Designs


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Not everyone can design textiles like this. Textile Designs requires exceptional ability and good training. She has those qualifications wonderfully found. We see and enjoy such wonderful creations in our daily lives. But imagine how much effort those designers had to put into creating something like this? And how little people do justice to those Textile Designs? These things need to change. Designers need to create the good value they need for their designs. Don’t forget to let us know about creations like this that you like. 


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