10 Incredible Embroidery Creations by an Artist

Embroidery Creations are more popular hobbies around the world. Yours and my lives are so wonderful. Like a weave. Different things are put together and made to be enjoyed. However, we do various activities to get the enjoyment we need in our lives. An embroidery artist is one such person. About one in a thousand people come to this region from the sewing industry.

The reason is that embroidery creations is not an easy task. Let’s just say it’s easy to find embroiderers, but there are fewer embroidered artists. And not everyone can create in a unique way. That’s why today we are choosing a unique embroidery artist. Her name is Victoria Rose Richards. She lives in Devon, UK. Her talent in the field of embroidery is exceptional.

She holds a special place among her creations in a very unique way of creating within a frame. Through it, she presents real-world places, phenomena, natural environments, etc. as embroidered creations. In these creations, she makes a great effort to present them in a very realistic way. Today we present to you some beautiful designs made by Victoria Rose. You can also go to her Instagram page and see many more designs like this.


Embroidery Creations


Embroidery Creations

Victoria Rose once said this about her Embroidery Creations

I’ve always had a thing for aerial landscapes and use a combination of stitches on felt sheets to recreate them based on the Devon countryside. each piece may have a theme, such as spring, autumntime or lakes, the main focus of most of my pieces are the fields – I love the shapes they naturally form and are made to form by agriculture, seemingly perfectly fitted together yet forced.

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Embroidery Creations


Embroidery Creations


Embroidery Creations


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Do you look at such wonderful, realistic creations? You may feel that you too would like to have a design like this. If you like, you can go to Victoria Rose’s website and buy these designs.


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